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Welcome to Ecoparents. Ecoparents is a concept that includes a philosophy, products and services related to raising children in an ecological and economical way. Expect to find information, links and descriptions of our own products and services and those of others with regard to breastfeeding, parenting, pregnancy and childbirth.

The very best way to start your baby's life in such a way is to breastfeed. Breastfeeding saves time (no cleaning materials to feed you baby), money (no expense on expensive baby food, with a delay in return of menses, money and natural resources are saved by not using feminine hygiene products) and the environment (the production of baby food in factories uses a lot of energy, water and other resources for packaging.) Breastmilk leaves almost no waste, even in the diapers! Since breastfed babies tend to be healthier than non breastfed babies, money and time is saved by fewer trips to physicians offices, hospitals and pharmacies. More choices are to be made throughout your parenting life. To name some examples: diapering, clothing, strollers and transportation, toys, education, etc: all these topics are worth to think over. On the pages on this site you may find some ideas and this resource will keep growing. Check again another time to see what has changed.

Breastfeeding services

Ecoparents offers a full range of breastfeeding services in Orange County in the person of Nanny Gortzak, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. The services include home and office consultations, breastpump rental and sales (Ameda and Medela) and spare parts, baby slings (Maya Wrap Original Sling, Moby Wrap baby carrier, Over the Shoulder Baby Holder), breastfeeding pillows, maternity and nursing bras. For more information, visit our page on breastfeeding services and products and the page on breastpump rental and sales or call Nanny at 949-8563058.


Doula pages

Nanny now also offers postpartum services. To check out her services, see the doula part of this website.


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